Sure, Winnipeg is cold, but why not go somewhere colder?*

Just a few snaps from the February long weekend…

I made the annual drive out to Tim’s in Saskatoon for a mini campaign of “Wrath and Glory”, the new WH40K RPG. Was fun, and a nice change, to play an RPG; it’s been years…

Playing Wrath and Glory – picture by Tim Brown

As usual, it was good to see Tim and family, and a few of the “regulars”. Also a pleasure to meet some new folks!

On Sunday, after things had wrapped up, Tim, Amanda, and the kids were kind enough to feed me dinner and then we played a game of “Terraforming Mars”.

Learning how to play Terraforming Mars; not winning, but smiling all the same – picture by Tim Brown

Drove home early Monday morning, stopping for a bit in Regina to catch up with Curt C., who I hadn’t seen in a very long time (and his very sweet hounds).

*It was colder in Saskatoon than at home, but at least it wasn’t that kerrazy polar vortex weather from a week or two before. And, thanks to a recent purchase, not only was the (~16 hour roundtrip) drive pretty comfortable, but I had a heated seat/steering wheel. Amazing the new-fangled stuff that they add to cars when you only buy a new one every 10 years.   🙂

Sure, Winnipeg is cold, but why not go somewhere colder?*

The power of Tim compels you…

The core (100 points) Adeptus Astartes Exorcists Kill Team is done:

  • Leader: Intercessor Sgt. with Bolt Rifle, Bolt Pistol, Power Sword, Grenades
  • Comms: Tactical Marine with Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Grenades
  • Heavy: Tactical Marine Gunner with Heavy Bolter, Grenades
  • Sniper: Tactical Sgt. with Combi-Boltgun/Plasma, Grenades
  • Scout with Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Grenades
  • Scout Gunner with Heavy Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Grenades
  • Scout Sgt. with Sniper Rifle, Bolt Pistol, Camo Cloak, Grenades

I tried a varnish I haven’t used before, and it flattened out a lot of the highlights and shadows, so I’m not too pleased about that–but, it’s good to get ’em done and they’re looking pretty good despite that (IMHO), so there you go.

Apart from Kill Team, some of these will be used for the Wrath and Glory 40K RPG, which we’re playing at Tim’s wargaming weekend in Saskatoon next month. I also plan on getting a lone guardsman and Eldar ranger done for that, too.

Just need the basing material to dry so I can prime ’em. Stay tuned…

…and done:

Just need to crank out a few character sheets for this weekend, now.

The power of Tim compels you…

“Nun Hammer” would be a good metal band name, no?

Took a break from working on Kill Team stuff to finish up a Mordheim warband for a one-day casual tournament/campaign this coming Saturday.

I’ve had these for a while, in various states of completion. A bit of a rush job, so not my best work, but nice to get ’em done.

I’m going to try and get a couple of “hired swords” done by Saturday as well. Deadlines are good.

“Nun Hammer” would be a good metal band name, no?

We are legion…

Like everyone else, I’m jumping on the GW Kill Team bandwagon. Hoping I can use this as an entry point to getting a small force of WH40K Exorcist successor chapter Space Marines done, using (mostly) figures I’ve already got…

Exorcists are interesting, as the fluff dictates that they have twice as many scout recruits than other chapters. This is because they chew through lots of them; daemonic possession is part of their rites of passage and there are many losses. Also, the chapter to which they are successors is a secret, kept quiet by the Inquisition (the assumption is that they are the only Grey Knights successor chapter).

So far I’ve figured out a 100pt core Kill Team, and I’m also assembling a few options (and the first couple of complete WH40K squads, since I may as well assemble, prime, and paint a bunch together).

I’ve also got plans to work up a GSC Kill Team as well (and I’ve already got enough Necrons, Grey Knights, and Space Wolves painted up to use, if I want, too).

We are legion…

UK Trip Highlights (Part Four)

From the hotel in Swansea, my dad, Debbie, Sue, and I hit the road for the West Midlands, the place I come from (Stourbridge)…   🙂

Took a photo of my old school (it’s converted into offices now):

Debbie’s sister, Louise, put us up for the night and also went all out on a great meal. On Sunday morning, after visiting my grandparents graves, the five of us went out for brunch with my aunt at The Olde Tea Rooms in the village of Kinver (where my grandparents lived). Unfortunately, my cousin Joanne had recently moved to Scotland, so we didn’t get to see her on this trip. Just gives us an excuse to visit Scotland next time, though!

After that, we hit the road and headed back up north. We got back to my dad’s in time to catch the England/Panama game. Wow.

The Last Week

We did a bit of shopping in Preston & Chorley (souvenirs, clothes, treats that are hard to find in Canada) the last week, had some nice meals out, and managed quite a few lovely day trips and stops:

Eden Camp

On Tuesday, we headed up to Eden Camp in Malton, Yorkshire. This is a privately-owned museum, based around huts that originally housed Italian WWII prisoners of war. Louise had mentioned it in passing, and we thought it sounded interesting and worth a visit–I was very surprised that I hadn’t heard of it before. Notable items included the local military history (and particularly of the original POW camp), a small uniform collection, and the various vehicles and planes onsite. Of course, there was a pub onsite too, themed like a 40s cinema!

Canals & Narrowboats

Sue’s been really interested in narrowboats and canal life lately, mainly from folks on YouTube.

We wound up walking along the canal near Chorley twice. Once just for a walk, and then went back again because we noticed that one pub had some great vegetarian options. It’s a really pretty area – especially with the great weather we had during our trip.

The Lake District

The Lake District is beautiful – and a significant tourist draw. On Thursday, we had a nice walk in the sunshine, said “hi” to the cows, petted some strangers’ dogs, and stopped for lunch at Chesters-by-the-River in Ambleside (top notch vegetarian restaurant) and a cheeky pint after the walk back to the car.

Then we stopped by a beach area for a quick stroll and an ice-cream (make mine a 99!). This guy had obviously had a few drinks, as he wandered into the lake fully clothed:

We waited for him to fall over for a good “action shot”, but he didn’t do that ’til after we gave up waiting. Headed back to my dad’s to watch the England/Belgium game.

Going out for an Indian

Friday morning my dad cooked us a terrific big breakfast, we headed out for a bit of last minute shopping, and then we packed our bags as we were flying home the next day.

Friday night we went out to the local Indian restaurant for a great meal. Can’t possibly have enough curry meals on a trip the UK, and this one was a standout.
Pretty sure Sue’s thinking about my bhunas in that last pic.

…and the next morning we got on a flight at Manchester Airport to Toronto. From there we were to connect to Winnipeg. We had a few wrinkles with the connection, and wound up getting bumped by Air Canada from a 4:30pm flight to an 11pm flight. Not the greatest ending to the trip, but couldn’t take the shine off it.   🙂

UK Trip Highlights (Part Four)

UK Trip Highlights (Part Three)

Wednesday & Thursday

Sue and I spent the second part of week two with my sister, Lucy, and her family in Porthcawl, Wales. Unfortunately, we didn’t take as many pictures; probably because we were so relaxed.   🙂

Lucy made us feel at home and it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with her, my brother-in-law, Dafydd, niece Seren, and nephews, Jamie and Harri. They have a great goofy dog (Toby), too.

Toby surprised us on the first night, opening the bedroom door and jumping into bed between us. Then he flipped over on his back and started snoring. Comedy gold!

Porthcawl is a pretty seaside town, with a lot of personality and charm. The sunny weather didn’t hurt either… We had a great time with Lucy, Dafydd, and the kids. One evening we enjoyed a walk down to the harbour, a few drinks, and the obligatory fish and chip shop dinner (which had a shockingly good selection of vegan/vegetarian options).


We headed to Swansea for an overnight at a hotel there. My dad and his wife, Debbie, had gone to great effort for us all to have a special birthday party (there are several milestone birthdays in the family this year, including Sue and I are both turning 50 – the main reason for this trip). He and his wife drove down to meet up with us, my brother and sister, and their spouses.

We started off with a few drinks in the hotel pub (as you do), and then off to a private room for group parties (there were other birthday groups and a couple of hen parties in there with us). The theme was “80s night”. My dad arranged for a custom made birthday cake, that incorporated symbols of Canada, England, and Wales.

It got a bit loud in there for conversation, so we eventually relocated back to the hotel bar for the rest of the evening (we shut the place down). A good time was had by all.


In the morning we met up for breakfast. After that, we headed back to my brother’s, so Sue could spend a little more time with my niece and we could say “goodbye”.

Then my dad, Debbie, Sue, and I hit the road for the Midlands…

UK Trip Highlights (Part Three)