Um, Sarge… I don’t think those are Necrons

Picture by Tim Brown

Drove out to Saskatoon to spend last weekend with Tim, his family, and some other friendly folks, playing Shadow War: Armageddon. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, since I was playing, but Tim documented the fun on his blog:

On top of all that hospitality, conversation, and gaming, I had some lovely meals and “enjoyed” about 19 hours of driving on the prairies (good opportunity to catch up on podcasts; been on a true crime kick lately, so on the way back I got through 6 episodes of Atlanta Monster).

Um, Sarge… I don’t think those are Necrons

Now I just have to read the rulebook

Finished my Grey Knights for Tim’s Shadow War: Armageddon campaign this weekend:

Core Killteam
(I may have overthought this)
Special Operatives
(Interceptor, Terminator, Purifier [I didn’t paint the Purifier])
The whole lot
Now I just have to read the rulebook

Work in Progress

Coming along…

One of the cannon barrels got damaged (on the sprue), so I had to rebuild it with a bit of sprue and some green stuff.

Probably won’t be able to enter anything in the Wpg War Council’s monthly painting challenge in Jan/Feb, as I’ll be busy getting these guys finished. As we’ve established, I paint at a speed that can only be measured on geological time scales.

Work in Progress

This seems familiar

Not really New Year’s resolutions but rather a short-term plan of action. Might happen if I write it down, you know?

  • Finish up the Grey Knights kill team for the upcoming SW:A weekend game in February
  • One or more of the Shadespire warbands I got for xmas
  • Warhammer 40K – probably a small Primaris marine army
  • Units from the Dogs of War GW fantasy figs that I’ve collected over the last few years*
  • WWII British paratrooper reinforced platoon (there is progress, but it keeps getting back-burnered)*

Stuff marked with a “*” is from last year’s list, so take this where it comes from.

This seems familiar