If you have a bandwagon, then I want to be on it!

Tried out some of the new GW Contrast paints today. These are basically a heavily pigmented, translucent, slightly “thicker” (probably a bit of gel medium) wash. The idea being that over a light primer/basecoat, the pigment will gravitate to low points and away from the high points–giving you shadows, highlights, and colour in one step.

I don’t use aerosol primers (expensive, too dependent on humidity being just right, and not practical when you can’t use them in our long winter), so mainly what I wanted to test was how they would work out without using the specific GW primers/undercoat (which GW is more than happy to inform you that you MUST HAVE), with a variety of undercoats.

Here are the results of my experimentation today (all primer was airbrushed):

Guilliman Flesh over zenithal Badger Stynylrez Black and Stynylrez White primers.

Pretty happy with this. Took less than 10 minutes total to slap the wash on the flesh areas. I normally use five paint/wash layers to paint skin, so this is good trade-off for speed and quality.

Skeleton Horde over a Stynylrez Black primer and an undercoat of the GW Wraithbone base paint (cut 50/50 with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner and airbrushed).

Again, this is pretty solid, especially for a couple minutes of effort. Will certainly do the rest of this Shadespire Warband’s skelly bits the same.

Black Templar (shoulderpad), Flesh Tearers Red (leg), Gore-Grunta Fur (holster), and Gryph-Hound Orange (helmet), all over a Stynylrez White primer.

The orange was the most effective here, hands down, and the brown holster looks fine, too. This test setup was the one I was most curious about, as it didn’t involve any GW undercoats and only one coat of Stynylrez primer.

Flesh Tearers Red over a Stynylrez Black primer and an undercoat of the GW Grey Seer base paint (cut 50/50 with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner and airbrushed).

I think this looks really good. Very impressed for less than a minute of painting time.

Space Wolf Grey over a Stynylrez Black primer. An undercoat of the GW Grey Seer base paint in the first picture and Wraithbone in the second (both cut 50/50 with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner and airbrushed).

In the second picture, the leg facing forward is two coats of Black Templar diluted at 50/50 with the Contrast medium.

These are not so impressive.  😦

I honestly can’t see using these for Space Marines, or anything else that has large panels. Too difficult to get the coverage without it going splotchy and/or looking over-saturated.

Crying shame, as that Flesh Tearer Red looks great on that SM backpack and would be a perfect colour match for the Exorcists I want to keep painting for 40K and Kill Team.

I will continue to use an airbrush for marine armour.

However, Contrast paints appear to be a real time-saver* for anything with rough detail like fur, hair, etc. and anything “organic” like flesh and bone (as in the pics above). I do plan to use them to speed up getting my Shadespire warbands done, for sure. That orange over white makes me think I can get some GSC done faster, too.

*Drying time is a huge factor, though. These really are best for assembly line painting of rank and file, where –hopefully– the first one is dry when you get to the last one. I was seeing 30-40 minutes on straight out of the pot, and slightly longer when diluted with the medium.

If you have a bandwagon, then I want to be on it!

Sure, Winnipeg is cold, but why not go somewhere colder?*

Just a few snaps from the February long weekend…

I made the annual drive out to Tim’s in Saskatoon for a mini campaign of “Wrath and Glory”, the new WH40K RPG. Was fun, and a nice change, to play an RPG; it’s been years…

Playing Wrath and Glory – picture by Tim Brown

As usual, it was good to see Tim and family, and a few of the “regulars”. Also a pleasure to meet some new folks!

On Sunday, after things had wrapped up, Tim, Amanda, and the kids were kind enough to feed me dinner and then we played a game of “Terraforming Mars”.

Learning how to play Terraforming Mars; not winning, but smiling all the same – picture by Tim Brown

Drove home early Monday morning, stopping for a bit in Regina to catch up with Curt C., who I hadn’t seen in a very long time (and his very sweet hounds).

*It was colder in Saskatoon than at home, but at least it wasn’t that kerrazy polar vortex weather from a week or two before. And, thanks to a recent purchase, not only was the (~16 hour roundtrip) drive pretty comfortable, but I had a heated seat/steering wheel. Amazing the new-fangled stuff that they add to cars when you only buy a new one every 10 years.   🙂

Sure, Winnipeg is cold, but why not go somewhere colder?*

We are legion…

Like everyone else, I’m jumping on the GW Kill Team bandwagon. Hoping I can use this as an entry point to getting a small force of WH40K Exorcist successor chapter Space Marines done, using (mostly) figures I’ve already got…

Exorcists are interesting, as the fluff dictates that they have twice as many scout recruits than other chapters. This is because they chew through lots of them; daemonic possession is part of their rites of passage and there are many losses. Also, the chapter to which they are successors is a secret, kept quiet by the Inquisition (the assumption is that they are the only Grey Knights successor chapter).

So far I’ve figured out a 100pt core Kill Team, and I’m also assembling a few options (and the first couple of complete WH40K squads, since I may as well assemble, prime, and paint a bunch together).

I’ve also got plans to work up a GSC Kill Team as well (and I’ve already got enough Necrons, Grey Knights, and Space Wolves painted up to use, if I want, too).

We are legion…

Um, Sarge… I don’t think those are Necrons

Picture by Tim Brown

Drove out to Saskatoon to spend last weekend with Tim, his family, and some other friendly folks, playing Shadow War: Armageddon. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, since I was playing, but Tim documented the fun on his blog:

On top of all that hospitality, conversation, and gaming, I had some lovely meals and “enjoyed” about 19 hours of driving on the prairies (good opportunity to catch up on podcasts; been on a true crime kick lately, so on the way back I got through 6 episodes of Atlanta Monster).

Um, Sarge… I don’t think those are Necrons

Shiny and chrome!

Did some work on the Shadow War: Armageddon Grey Knights kill team I’m taking for Tim’s February wargaming weekend. Even though they only need 3-5 figs for a team, I’m painting up enough to be able to WYSIWYG for upgrades and such…

Used my new compressor for the first time. Lovely.

As an aside, this was also the first time I used the Citadel Air line of airbrush paints. Impressed so far.

Shiny and chrome!