As I’d mentioned before, I recently picked up a 1/50 scale die-cast Land Rover Defender on eBay from a guy in Portugal. I did a quick and dirty repaint on it today and got it done. The lettering on the doors isn’t perfect (using old Letraset rub-on transfers, and they’re not super easy to align on a dark background), but they’ll do for now.

Update: fixed it…



Bears are meant to be solitary

I have zero sculpting skills, but I’m capable of basic conversions (head swaps, etc.), so I’m looking for suggestions for existing figures to stand-in for characters from the His Dark Materials books (Golden Compass-Northern Lights/Subtle Knife/Amber Spyglass).


What I’ve found so far/need help with:

  • Misc. Daemons – Reaper familiars, for the most part.
  • Lyra Belacqua – Haven’t found a good option here. Maybe the girl from the Reaper pack below, but would prefer one in a dress/northern clothes. Lyra’s a bit too old (12-13) for me to use the girl from the Hasslefree 3 kids pack, which was my first inclination.
  • Lyra’s daemon: Reaper “weasel/ferret” painted as snow ermine.
  • Will Parry – Either of the boys from: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/townsfolk/latest/50042
  • Lord Asriel – ?
  • Asriel’s daemon: The snow leopard from https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/leopard/sku-down/60020 is great for Lord Asriel’s daemon.
  • Iorek Byrnison – The Willy BB Warbear: http://willy-miniatures.blogspot.ca/2013/11/warbear-1695.html
  • Mrs. Coulter – ?
  • Mrs. Coulter’s daemon – a medium sized monkey…
  • Dr. Mary Malone – ?
  • John Faa – Any suggestions for the gypsy king? The Westwind ones are too “gothic” (although their caravan wagon is terrific)…
    Farder Coram – Older gypsy – ?
    Ma Costa – another gypsy – ?
  • Serafina Pekkala – This is pretty good: https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/witch/sku-down/60149 I’ll also need to find a good grey goose daemon.
  • Lee Scoresby – Was thinking of one of the many Foundry cowboys I’ve got, maybe with some goggles (since he’s an aeronaut from Texas). Any other ideas?
  • Scoresby’s daemon – a snow hare…
  • John Parry – Maybe a Foundry DA explorer?
Bears are meant to be solitary

Painting Queue:1 Paul: 0

Did a little work on a Sherman V 75mm yesterday. Decided to paint it as a British version.

Sue and I played a game of “Unspeakable Words” with some friends last night. Fun little card/word game with an HPL twist. I won, but had the advantage of being the designated driver so I wasn’t into the wine as much as everyone else was.   🙂

Just wasn’t feeling it today, so I didn’t paint anything. I’m going to clean and assemble some more ancients for SSD later (and maybe some 15mm tanks for Chain of Command), so not a total loss for the weekend’s progress.

Watched “Bad Santa” with my daughter this afternoon. One of my holiday favourites. Don’t think she was as enamoured with it as I was…

Unspeakable Words on Tabletop:

Painting Queue:1 Paul: 0

Wargaming & miniatures on TV and screen

Although it’s sometimes used as shorthand for socially inept basement dwellers* (looking at you, 40 Year Old Virgin), I like to see the hobby represented in mass media.

I’ve spotted these; anyone got others?

*I can’t possibly think why.

Wargaming & miniatures on TV and screen