The Best of Intentions

Not that I’m much of a New Year’s resolutions kind of guy, but here’s the plan of what I want to work on in 2017, ordered according to how I feel at the moment*:

  • WWII British paratrooper reinforced platoon (made a good start on this already – pics to come)
  • Necromunda figs to finish up a gang I inherited from Tim B.
  • Blood Bowl (I have a painted human team that just needs basing, so I’ll get that finished and then work on the orcs from the new box to make a match-up)
  • Miscellaneous sci-fi figs for Rogue Stars
  • Frostgrave terrain board (and maybe a new warband)
  • Warhammer 40K – not sure what yet; either expand the Space Wolf marine army already I have, or start Deathwatch or Genestealer Cult
  • The Dogs of War GW fantasy figs that I’ve collected over the last few years
  • Figs and terrain for the Assassin’s Creed homebrew skirmish game I’ve been planning (and some of the Dogs of War GW figs will work with this too, since they’re pseudo-Renaissance)
  • WWII vehicles (I have a few tanks, armoured cars, and jeeps)
  • Miscellaneous ancients for Song of Shadows and Dust and Broken Legions
  • The Judge Dredd block terrain I started a few years back (in retrospect, if I’d waited a year, I would have just bought a bunch of laser-cut MDF instead of building it all from scratch using foamcore)

*highly likely to change; several of these are started projects already, at various stages of completion, but I do have a tendency to get distracted by sparkly shiny things.

The Best of Intentions

The Paradox of Choice

I was in Toronto for most of this last week, starting my new job (!), and wandered over to Meeplemart to do a bit of hobby shopping. The place is very well stocked – probably second only to The Sentry Box in Calgary.

I either managed to show remarkable restraint (unlikely) or else the walls of figs and games caused my eyes to glaze over and my “want list” to disappear completely from my mind. I came away with only a couple of blisters:


A pack of Khador Woodsmen, which I’m going to repurpose as Gypsies for a “His Dark Materials” themed Song of Blades and Heroes warband, and a pack of not-Space Wolf shoulderpads from Kromlech.

The Paradox of Choice

Kings of War Escalation League – Game #1 – 500pts

From Dave G.’s “Warpegs” forum:

A war party has gained followers in Letharac and has set out into the Ardovikian Plain with a sizeable force. Perhaps this is the start of a new kingdom, but for now a good nights sleep after a long march is in order. Having found a suitable place to set up camp for the night, the party sets in for a solid nights rest. Sadly, the rest tonight is interrupted as the alarm is raised when the moon is still high overhead, something is moving through the treeline and will be upon you shortly!

I was defending the building in the middle of the table… Chris was attacking from two opposite sides.

The goal was to reduce the opposing player’s side to 50% of their force…

The initial setup (4×4 table) per the scenario.
Defender (me!) initial deployment (1x Regiment of Pike, 1x Regiment of Crossbow, 2x Troops of Knights).
Chris’s deployment and my first turn. Unfortunately, the size of the table, and the guesswork in setting up the Crossbows meant that they couldn’t fire after needing to pivot to face a target.
Chris’s charges (and his magic-user’s enhancement of his forces). Second half of the first turn…
First blood! One of my troops of knights is routed.
Second turn – counter charges! Not enough to turn things around, though…
And the final blow – my unit of Pikes is routed. Chris takes the game!

Unpainted figs – yeah, I know…

Kings of War Escalation League – Game #1 – 500pts