Location, Location, Location…

I picked up a new painting desk from IKEA. Because it’s a secretary style, with a drop-down front that closes to hide my toys, my wife let me set it up in the living room.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the space I have in the basement, but it’s nice to be able to paint in the company of the rest of my family (not to mention the access to natural light).


Location, Location, Location…

Prizes from a far and foreign land

Actually, just a couple of hours over the border…

Found a few goodies at the games shop in Grand Forks today: GF9 prepainted ruins. Perfect to be the foundation of a Frostgrave table.


I also picked up some tackle box trays (for figure/game piece storage) and a few more Matchbox Jeeps for WWII conversion.

Oh, and some habanero flavoured chips. 🙂

Prizes from a far and foreign land

Ronin game, terrain, UNIT vehicle, and temptation fulfilled

Not a lot of figure painting going on lately (surprise, surprise!), but I have been working on a few hobby related bits and pieces…

Dave G., Kevin H., and I had a small Ronin game to learn (or in my case, relearn) the rules. It was useful, and I’m looking forward to playing a larger scale version for realz, now that we have a better idea of the mechanic. I think Dave and Kev enjoyed it, too, and hopefully there’ll be a bit of a samurai buzz.

Started painting the sci-fi/modern layout I put together last year. This will eventually form part of a Judge Dredd “Block”, but is designed to work with any sci-fi/modern game.

IMG_3235 IMG_3240


Picked up a 1/50 scale die-cast Land Rover Defender on eBay from a guy in Portugal. It was specced out for a fire department (bright red, blue lights on the roof, etc.), but I’m converting it to use as a UNIT vehicle for an eventual Dr. Who themed game.



…and the fulfilled temptation:

Dave G. spotted a really bargain priced WHFB Empire army on Kijiji locally and picked it up. Then he beat me up and made me buy it from him.  🙂




Ronin game, terrain, UNIT vehicle, and temptation fulfilled