Work in progress

Did a little work on some Shadespire figs today.

Was aiming for a kind of “old gold/clockwork” kind of feel with the armour. Pretty happy how it turned out…

Work in progress

Angus Podgorny What do you Mean?

Tim and I played a game of The Pikeman’s Lament on Sunday. Nifty little system – very fluid… He has a detailed write-up of the battle report here, but I did take some pictures as well:

Fun fact: I named my commander after an ancestor of mine from the 17th C., Wildsmith Astbury.

Angus Podgorny What do you Mean?

The Best of Intentions

Not that I’m much of a New Year’s resolutions kind of guy, but here’s the plan of what I want to work on in 2017, ordered according to how I feel at the moment*:

  • WWII British paratrooper reinforced platoon (made a good start on this already – pics to come)
  • Necromunda figs to finish up a gang I inherited from Tim B.
  • Blood Bowl (I have a painted human team that just needs basing, so I’ll get that finished and then work on the orcs from the new box to make a match-up)
  • Miscellaneous sci-fi figs for Rogue Stars
  • Frostgrave terrain board (and maybe a new warband)
  • Warhammer 40K – not sure what yet; either expand the Space Wolf marine army already I have, or start Deathwatch or Genestealer Cult
  • The Dogs of War GW fantasy figs that I’ve collected over the last few years
  • Figs and terrain for the Assassin’s Creed homebrew skirmish game I’ve been planning (and some of the Dogs of War GW figs will work with this too, since they’re pseudo-Renaissance)
  • WWII vehicles (I have a few tanks, armoured cars, and jeeps)
  • Miscellaneous ancients for Song of Shadows and Dust and Broken Legions
  • The Judge Dredd block terrain I started a few years back (in retrospect, if I’d waited a year, I would have just bought a bunch of laser-cut MDF instead of building it all from scratch using foamcore)

*highly likely to change; several of these are started projects already, at various stages of completion, but I do have a tendency to get distracted by sparkly shiny things.

The Best of Intentions


Decisions, decisions… What to work on next?

Now that I have the Frostgrave warband done, time to tie up some loose ends on projects already started and planned:

  • WWII British Paratroops (a platoon plus support – started, but a way to go yet [including the <shudder> camo smocks])
  • Few odds and ends for Blood Bowl
  • Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar (about 80% done – just need to do the metallics and basing)
  • Fill-in figs for a Necromunda group (3-4 figs to round out an Cawdor group that I inherited from Tim B.)

On top of that, I did start putting together a funky little warband for Songs of Blades and Heroes using mostly OOP/LE Games Workshop Warriors of Chaos personalities, when it looked like that was what Tim was going to run for his weekend tourney:


There are some real chestnuts in that group (not all pictured). I have all the LE Games Day WoC figs, including the sorcerer, plus Harry the Hammer (thanks, Dave!) and a few other specials.

And… that new GW Deathwatch/Genestealer Cult Overkill box should be arriving on my doorstep later today.

Oh, and the Conan kickstarter could be here anytime.


What is best in life?

King Conan

I haven’t backed many Kickstarter based miniatures efforts, but just jumped in on the Monolith Games Conan miniatures boardgame. I haven’t been this hyped about all things Conan in years.

My Cthulhu Wars core box turned up last week, with the ton of add-ons and bonuses due later on in 2015 (at least a couple of hundred figures).

Dave G. and I went in on a pledge for Judge Dredd Block Wars miniatures way back in 2012. We’ve received most of the stuff (lots of figures!) in dribs and drabs since, but there are still a few items outstanding. Good job I’m not rushing through my lead mountain and desperate for things to paint!  🙂

What is best in life?