Now I just have to read the rulebook

Finished my Grey Knights for Tim’s Shadow War: Armageddon campaign this weekend:

Core Killteam
(I may have overthought this)
Special Operatives
(Interceptor, Terminator, Purifier [I didn’t paint the Purifier])
The whole lot
Now I just have to read the rulebook

The Best of Intentions

Not that I’m much of a New Year’s resolutions kind of guy, but here’s the plan of what I want to work on in 2017, ordered according to how I feel at the moment*:

  • WWII British paratrooper reinforced platoon (made a good start on this already – pics to come)
  • Necromunda figs to finish up a gang I inherited from Tim B.
  • Blood Bowl (I have a painted human team that just needs basing, so I’ll get that finished and then work on the orcs from the new box to make a match-up)
  • Miscellaneous sci-fi figs for Rogue Stars
  • Frostgrave terrain board (and maybe a new warband)
  • Warhammer 40K – not sure what yet; either expand the Space Wolf marine army already I have, or start Deathwatch or Genestealer Cult
  • The Dogs of War GW fantasy figs that I’ve collected over the last few years
  • Figs and terrain for the Assassin’s Creed homebrew skirmish game I’ve been planning (and some of the Dogs of War GW figs will work with this too, since they’re pseudo-Renaissance)
  • WWII vehicles (I have a few tanks, armoured cars, and jeeps)
  • Miscellaneous ancients for Song of Shadows and Dust and Broken Legions
  • The Judge Dredd block terrain I started a few years back (in retrospect, if I’d waited a year, I would have just bought a bunch of laser-cut MDF instead of building it all from scratch using foamcore)

*highly likely to change; several of these are started projects already, at various stages of completion, but I do have a tendency to get distracted by sparkly shiny things.

The Best of Intentions


Decisions, decisions… What to work on next?

Now that I have the Frostgrave warband done, time to tie up some loose ends on projects already started and planned:

  • WWII British Paratroops (a platoon plus support – started, but a way to go yet [including the <shudder> camo smocks])
  • Few odds and ends for Blood Bowl
  • Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar (about 80% done – just need to do the metallics and basing)
  • Fill-in figs for a Necromunda group (3-4 figs to round out an Cawdor group that I inherited from Tim B.)

On top of that, I did start putting together a funky little warband for Songs of Blades and Heroes using mostly OOP/LE Games Workshop Warriors of Chaos personalities, when it looked like that was what Tim was going to run for his weekend tourney:


There are some real chestnuts in that group (not all pictured). I have all the LE Games Day WoC figs, including the sorcerer, plus Harry the Hammer (thanks, Dave!) and a few other specials.

And… that new GW Deathwatch/Genestealer Cult Overkill box should be arriving on my doorstep later today.

Oh, and the Conan kickstarter could be here anytime.


Deadlines are good

A blast from the past…

I made the trek out to Saskatoon in February, 2014, to play in Tim Brown’s annual birthday wargaming tournament. The game was “Ronin” from Osprey Publishing.

I’d had a few packs of 28mm Wargames Foundry Samurai (formerly the Citadel “Oriental Heroes” range) kicking around for a year or two. Even though they aren’t historically accurate by any stretch, I liked the chunky cartoony style of the sculpts.

Started working on them (about 30-35 figures) in early December (including one lonely Dixon Miniatures ronin), along with a few PlastCraft terrain pieces. I also grabbed some scale cherry blossom trees from a dollhouse supplier on eBay and mounted them on 4Ground bases.

Cleaning up the Buntai (Wargames Foundry)
Cleaning up the Buntai (Wargames Foundry)
Samurai (Citadel via Foundry) in progress 2013/14
Samurai (Citadel via Foundry) in progress 2013/14
PlastCraft terrain (temple, gate, bridge, and grave markers) before assembly
PlastCraft terrain (temple, gate, bridge, and grave markers) before assembly
Painted gate, temple, grave markers, bridge, and buntai
Painted gate, temple, grave markers, bridge, and buntai
The finished buntai - picture by Tim Brown
The finished buntai – picture by Tim Brown

I had a great weekend, met some terrific folks, and got in a solid amount of gaming.

Tim’s battle reports and commentary on the weekend are here and here.

I’m planning on making the trek out to Saskatoon in February this year, as well. Looking forward to it!

Deadlines are good