Something new

Trying out a new fleshtone recipe. Couple more steps than the one I usually use, and has a warmer tone. Pretty pleased with it so far…

This is a barbarian (Copplestone caveman with a Reaper 2-handed axe) for the Frostgrave warband I’m working on:

IMG_3431 IMG_3430

Something new

3 thoughts on “Something new

  1. He looks a little underdressed for Frostgrave…

    Not that that seems to be stopping anyone.

    This is one of the Coppelstone cavemen, right? I’d actually thought of looking these exact same figures up. I seem to remember then having more furs, though….?

    He used to have some Inuit with bows… or maybe hand weapons…? I’d thought They seem to be gone from his webstore…


  2. Yeah, but he’s tough enough that the cold doesn’t bother him, right? The lack of winter clothes crossed my mind, but I’m using FG as a chance to paint a bunch of oddball fantasy figs I’d had kicking around for a while; more or less told myself I wouldn’t buy anything new for this project (we’ll see how that goes).

    There are a few things missing from the CC shop; I don’t think he has the polar bear anymore either, so maybe he’s refining that range?


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