What is best in life?

King Conan

I haven’t backed many Kickstarter based miniatures efforts, but just jumped in on the Monolith Games Conan miniatures boardgame. I haven’t been this hyped about all things Conan in years.

My Cthulhu Wars core box turned up last week, with the ton of add-ons and bonuses due later on in 2015 (at least a couple of hundred figures).

Dave G. and I went in on a pledge for Judge Dredd Block Wars miniatures way back in 2012. We’ve received most of the stuff (lots of figures!) in dribs and drabs since, but there are still a few items outstanding. Good job I’m not rushing through my lead mountain and desperate for things to paint!  🙂

What is best in life?

2 thoughts on “What is best in life?

  1. Wow! that’s a lot of minis that come with that Conan game! So tempting… Sooooooooo tempting…

    Have you played Age of Conan by FFG? I picked it up a few years back at one of their annual winter sales and played it once. I’d love to play it again, but it’s hard finding three other players that have 2-3 hours to kill on the same evening or afternoon…

    Cthulhu Wars looks pretty cool too.

    The only game Kickstarters I’ve got in on were Reaper BonesII and their CAV kickstarter – mostly to get LOTS of cheapo figures for the kids to paint.

    Oh, and Exploding Kittens… because… well.. how could I NOT!?


  2. Yep – couldn’t say no. I’m in for the King box, the campaign book, the crossbowmen, and the black dragons. I’m thinking that the only other thing I might add is Yag-Kosha if they include him. Looks like there are plenty more things going to be added on in before it ends, too. Should get close to about 300 figs.

    Haven’t played Age of Conan. I think we’re going to try and give Cthulhu Wars a first try tonight (although Tokaido might win out).


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