Painting Queue:1 Paul: 0

Did a little work on a Sherman V 75mm yesterday. Decided to paint it as a British version.

Sue and I played a game of “Unspeakable Words” with some friends last night. Fun little card/word game with an HPL twist. I won, but had the advantage of being the designated driver so I wasn’t into the wine as much as everyone else was.   🙂

Just wasn’t feeling it today, so I didn’t paint anything. I’m going to clean and assemble some more ancients for SSD later (and maybe some 15mm tanks for Chain of Command), so not a total loss for the weekend’s progress.

Watched “Bad Santa” with my daughter this afternoon. One of my holiday favourites. Don’t think she was as enamoured with it as I was…

Unspeakable Words on Tabletop:

Painting Queue:1 Paul: 0

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