All good things…

I am a fan of the “His Dark Materials” books by Philip Pullman, and ever since I read them I’ve wanted to get my hands on a miniature of Iorek Byrnison the panserbjørn.

I’d picked up a Copplestone Castings 28mm polar bear ages ago, with the plan to add armour using greenstuff but, since I’ve got very little experience sculpting, I wasn’t really that confident that I’d be able to do a very good job.

Well, I spotted this little beauty a couple of days back from Willy Miniatures.

Willy Miniatures War Bear
Willy Miniatures War Bear

It’s intended for Blood Bowl, but there’s nothing about the figure or its armour that means it won’t make a great Iorek.

Put it on the xmas list. I’ve been good. Now, who makes a passable Lyra Belacqua?

All good things…

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