These days I get most of my wargaming “jones” from buying stuff

Stuff I’ve been waiting on for a while (quite a while for some):

Outstanding figs from Mongoose’s Judge Dredd kickstarter. I split the “Council of Judges” package with my good friend Dave, and we both got boatloads of figures out of it so far. It’s taking a while, and I can’t see how they’re making any profit with the small shipments, but most of it has come in already. We’re just waiting on the patrol wagon, the bikers, and the ABC robots.

The Cthulhu Wars boardgame (also from a kickstarter) is due to arrive sometime around the end of the year. I’m not really much of a boardgamer, but this giant game includes around a couple hundred reasonably high quality Cthulhu mythos figs; couldn’t say no.

I only bought the rules from the Prodos Aliens vs Predator miniatures game (another kickstarter). I have the Woodbine Design Colonial Marines, and I was going to convert some GW Genestealers to xenomorphs. As much as I like the figures that Prodos is producing, their unit sizing and pricing structure just wasn’t attractive to me. I know I’m not alone in this.

My “Black Friday” purchases:

  • Warlord WWII sprues (British Infantry & Commandos)
  • Warlord Roman sentries for Song of Shadows and Dust
  • FFG Dust Tenements and Quonset Huts
  • — TOP SECRET —
  • Some hooded pict heads from Westwind (for conversions)

and bits and pieces from eBay and trading pages on FB; I’m building up a stack of (usually shockingly expensive) OOP GW Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War figures. I’ve got a Marco Colombo (2nd sculpt) and a few Bearmen on the way currently.

These days I get most of my wargaming “jones” from buying stuff

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